Abc Beauty Co., Ltd

Abc Beauty Co., Ltd

Daw Khin Thandar Thant (CEO)

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------ Our Product ------


Bella was created with the simple vision of making resonably priced and superior cosmetic products available to the Myanmar market.

Email : customerservice@abcbeauty.com

Website : https://bellabestar.com

Harty Heart

Hearthy Heart was founded in October 2017 , with the aim of offering young millennials in Myanmar a new, fun and exciting range of cosmetic that they would ont otherwise find in more mature adylt focused brands.

Email : customerservice@abcbeauty.com

Website : https://heartyheart.com/

Bella Men Care

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Contact Us

Address: 10F, Kapaung Street, Hlaing Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Email: hr.executive@oaktha.com